Advanced Nuclear in Nuclear News Oct 2016

Advanced Nuclear was featured in the October 2016 issue of Nuclear News for their Asbestos Abatement Project at the Cook Nuclear Power Plant in Michigan. Nuclear News is a publication of the American Nuclear Society, “the premier professional society serving the nuclear industry”.
The first article details Jim Petrides’ strategy for asbestos abatement of the feedwater heaters in the Cook plant while the plant was online. This work was awarded the 2016 Top Innovative Practice (TIP) from the Nuclear Energy Institute. By performing this work while the Power Plant was on line, he was able to save Cook 15 to 16 million dollars.
On a job like this, there are many challenging factors that come into play including managing worker safety in high temperature zones of up to 392 degrees and handling hazardous asbestos insulation. The Advanced Nuclear team used extensive safety measures to protect the safety of their workers, and completed the work with no injury to Advanced Nuclear workers and with no asbestos contamination to Cook employees. This project was successful due to the dedication and teamwork of everyone involved!
The second article highlights additional details about the Cook nuclear power plant feedwater heater project. The article shows multiple photos of the process from start to finish including scaffolding details, construction and disassembly of asbestos abatement enclosures, and the feedwater heater after insulation.
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Nuclear News Oct 2016

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