Port of Long Beach

The Port building is a former transit shed, which measured 608 lineal feet in length, 120 lineal feet in width and 28-38 feet in height. The interior was coated in an asbestos flocking that was applied to most of all of the interior surfaces, as a sound-dampener. There were 31 roll-up doors, which had loose and flakey lead paint to be removed. The removal of the asbestos flocking was done with 400 PSI pressure washers. The loose and flakey paint was removed with wire brushes and airless sprayers. This building was fully contained with a three-stage decontamination unit. In order to reach the flocking, we used rolling scaffold towers, boom lifts and scissor lifts. The abandoned transit shed was to be used by the contractor constructing the new Long Beach to San Pedro Bridge as a warehouse/staging area, so the schedule was critical.  This required a crew of 50 for nearly three months to complete.
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