DC Cook Nuclear Generating Station

The DC Cook Nuclear Generating Station along with American Electric Power and Advanced Nuclear received the Nuclear Energy Institute's Top Innovative Practice (TIP) Award in the Maintenance Category. The award was presented at the Nuclear Energy Assembly in Miami, FL on Tuesday May 24th. Advanced Nuclear was awarded a project at DC Cook Nuclear Generating Station to remove presumed asbestos containing material from (5) feed water heaters along with approximately (600) lineal feet of piping. The majority of this work was performed in a negative pressure enclosure while the plant was on-line. The temperature of the feed water heaters were as high as 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Advanced Nuclear saw this challenging project as one that required significant expertise in Asbestos Abatement, working in a Nuclear facility, and dealing with heat stress issues. We assembled a management team including safety, craft supervision, company management, and senior management members, all of whom were highly experienced in Nuclear, Asbestos, Safety, Heat Stress, and Labor Relations. As the project progressed, we continued to add innovative safety measures to ensure that this project was a complete success. The project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget, and with ZERO accidents, first aid, or heat stress incidents. This is an example of Advanced Nuclear's level of commitment to safety and to job performance. Click here to view video about this project

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