Paint Booth Open House – Toledo Branch, Advanced Industrial Services

The Advanced Industrial Services Toledo Branch is proud to present their new 56,000sf office location and painting facility. On August 20th, an Open House was held to kick-off the grand opening of the facility. Throughout the day, demonstrations were given in both the blast booth and paint booth to show off the state-of-the-art capabilities to the visitors.
The two 10 Cubic Blast Pots recycle steel grit media through our state-of-the-art reclamation unit. Steel Grit media can be recycled 50 to 100 times; thus reducing waste, clean-up and disposal requirements.
Our 48,000 CFM Dust Collector improves visibility, safety, and quality of surface preparation while blasting.
• 37’ x 64’ x 16’ Blast Booth
• 36’ x 60’ x 18’ Paint Booth
• PLUS! Booth #2=16’x50’x14’
• PLUS! Booth #3=23’x14’x9’
• 100 HP Compressed Air System
• 48,000 CFM Dust Collector
• Two 10 cubic foot Steel Grit Media Reclaiming Blast Pots
Click below for photos and information from the Open House:
Paint Booth Open House Aug 2015 – AIS
For more information, contact the Toledo branch at 419-661-8522 or visit

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