President's Letter

Many businesses call themselves “people businesses” and say that “people are their most important asset.” Most often, however, those businesses have other valuable assets such as large capital investments in plants and equipment, sizable inventories, substantial real estate holdings, proprietary products, protected franchises and household brand names. Irex has none of those things. So when we say we are a “people business” and that “people are our most important asset,” we really mean it and reinforce it every day of our working lives.

Irex’s successes have been a direct result of the skill, commitment and efforts of its people – people who care about their businesses and their customers, believe in themselves and their colleagues, and take the initiative to make good things happen every day. Our future depends most importantly on our continuing ability to attract, motivate and retain the very best people in our industry. We do this by creating an atmosphere where the best people want to be – and can achieve the challenge, opportunities, and rewards they seek.

The same attitudes that we use to attract, motivate and retain the best people to our business translate into reliable and high-quality service for our customers. For us to be successful, you must be successful. We must treat you with dignity and respect, listen carefully and respond effectively to your needs, and stand behind whatever commitments we make. We do this not only because we think it is the morally right way to be; but also because we believe that it is the most profitable way to run a business over the long term – or at least any business with which we want to be associated.  Only by serving you and helping you achieve your goals and aspirations will we be able to achieve ours.

My special thanks go to the many owners and contractors we serve, the fine suppliers that support us, and the great people within the Irex organization who have made and are making themselves and their businesses such successes. If you are part of the Irex family, I hope you will freely share with us any comments or suggestions that you may have at any time. If you are not yet part of the Irex family, then I hope you will soon give us the opportunity to show you why you should be – and to welcome you aboard!

Lori Pickell
President and CEO